If you’ve ever tried to hire freelance writers, you probably ended up with thousands of applications. This usually leads to you asking yourself two questions: How do I choose the best ones? How will I even have time to filter through that many applications? In this post, you’ll learn how we set up a process to answer these questions. Step 1. Create an application form Most job listings tell applicants to email the hiring manager their cover letter and resume. How to Hire That works well when looking for full-time hires but not for freelance positions because they often attract hundreds or thousands of applicants.

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Way you can review that many resumes without losing it. As a result, suitable applicants often slip through the net and you miss out on great writers. One way to executive email list solve this problem is to have all applicants apply through a Google Form. Here are two reasons why this makes sense: It helps you vet applicants fast and efficiently – Google Forms funnels applicants into a Google Sheet, so you can review all applicants there instead of sifting through emails. It allows you to test writers’ skills and knowledge at scale – You can easily ask questions designed to judge applicants’ knowledge, skills, and experience with the topic at hand. In terms of what you should ask applicants, I recommend a mix of multiple-choice questions and ones with short answers.

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Help gauge knowledge and experience, whereas “short answer” questions allow you to judge writing ability. Here’s one of our multiple-choice questions: We designed this Numbers Lists question to help us judge the applicant’s ability to explain things succinctly and accurately. If you’re curious about our application form, here it is. Only a handful of these questions are for vetting purposes; the rest are to get basic details like their names, email addresses, Twitter handles, etc. It’s essential to ask for these details, as it’s the only way to get them when applicants aren’t applying by email.

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