Content Marketing for SaaS The Ahrefs Guide

Content marketing is a popular type of marketing for SaaS marketing. Many companies have succeeded with it. HubSpot, Ahrefs, Zapier—the list goes on. Despite that, there is no one way to do  for SaaS. Each SaaS operates in a different market with different customers, pain points, and needs. As a result, every SaaS’s  strategy will be different. So rather than prescribe the “best” cg strategy you must follow for 20XX, I’d like to share how we’ve done it here at Ahrefs.  is our main marketing type.

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End of this guide, you’ll take away some principles, ideas, and tactics you can apply to your own SaaS. But first, let’s answer some questions. Why is content marketing executive data for SaaS different from other industries? While the principles are largely the same, there are a few reasons why cg can be different for SaaS: Complexity – Generally speaking, there are more features in software, and this can be daunting to potential and new customers. So SaaS  doesn’t just help improve brand awareness and sales—it’s also an important education channel. Retention – Since SaaS products are subscription-based, continuous education is required to help customers get the most out of the product to (hopefully) prevent churn.

More decision-makers

SaaS can be expensive, which results in more decision-makers in the buying process. Therefore, SaaS  must address the buying concerns for Numbers Lists these people. More use cases – More features mean more use cases. For example, Ahrefs isn’t just used by SEOs but also by content marketers, affiliate marketers, website owners, and more. We can create content targeting all of them. Must you do content marketing if you’re a SaaS? No. Despite its popularity with SaaS companies, it’s not a must. Ultimately, it depends on your company, industry, and set of customers you serve. In short, you must use the right “hunting strategy” for the right “animal.”

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