When things don’t go as planned there’s only one thing that won’t make you give up

Being successful with your blog is by no means a linear path . There will be times when everything seems to go well even without particular efforts. Other times you’ll give it your all and feel the earth crumbling under your feet.And if you’re living this moment and maybe you’re one step away from abandoning your project, I’ll let you in on a secret: everything is absolutely normal.I have seen many projects born, I have developed dozens and dozens of blogs, I have created strategies for countless online projects. And never – and I mean never! – I have seen a project grow in a linear way.

And if when things go great, enthusiasm is sky high

passion .

I’ve often said that passion isn’t everything, and it’s true. In this article, I’m confirming it Denmark Phone Number List for you: there are so many skills to be acquired and passion alone does not bring your salary home.

But it will be the passion and dedication for your project that will give you the right push to not give up even when you fail to achieve the results you set for yourself. And you’ll see that if you don’t give up, everything will slowly start to rise again.


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Another emotional skill that I highly recommend you develop is empathy

Many tend to underestimate its value and even its effectiveness, but only by being able to empathize with your audience will you be able to create a close-knit community and stable and lasting relationships with the people who follow you.

But what exactly is meant by empathy? Empathy is the ability to connect with Numbers Lists others and be able to understand the feelings they have, even when we disagree with their ideas and opinions.

Being empathetic therefore means listening carefully and with deep interest , knowing how to get out of one’s own mental schemes and embracing the emotions of others.

There are many ways to be able to develop empathy, the first of which is undoubtedly active listening , with an open heart. And then there are numerous books and manuals that can help you develop this competence.

My favorites? Here they are:

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