When a person sends a questionnaire

For example, you can ask to write a customer case about him . The fact that you publicly acknowledge your customer (especially if it’s a business customer) strengthens the trust between you and binds the customer even more closely to your company. Also read this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers The customer case is also easy to use for acquiring new customers. Christmas is approaching. The year will be behind us in a little while and before the Christmas rush starts, it’s time to treat yourself. Take a day off or leave work earlier. Go for a walk on the shore of a lake, river or sea or have a long lunch with your best friend.

August is a great opportunity to focus

 Plan the content yourself, but outsource the measures for which you do not have enough time or interest. August If the summer rush has subsided,  on improving the atmosphere of the work community. Small thanks and acknowledgments brighten anyone’s day. productivity and new data commitment to the company. Bring inspiring or motivating statements to the workplace coffee room or ask everyone to bring their own favorite quote during August. If you are a self-employed person, brag about yourself and your skills in front of the mirror from earth to heaven. You deserve it and really worth it <3 September Without the customer, the company does not exist. That’s why September is dedicated to maintaining customer relations.

Instruct the customer to take further necessary

Do not send information about your prices yet.  steps in advance, for example, what he should think about and decide before placing the order. When you activate the customer at this stage, he starts to trust and commit to you and your company more and more closely. 1-3 e-mails that add as much added value as possible every 1-2 days. This gives you time to go through the customer’s initial survey form and tailor the best possible offer to them. After the automated Numbers Lists emails have finished, send the offer to the customer. To build automation, you need Zippier , Type form / SurveyMonkey , Active Campaign / Mailchimp and Lead Pages programs. Building automation takes time and patience. Writing emails for each service package, creating information packages and connecting programs to each other requires technical know-how.

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