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Why should you increase site visits? The point is this : having more traffic on the website technically means reaching a greater number of sessions of users who browse the pages of your domain. I will be brutal with you. Immediately forget the mathematical formula + website visits = + customers / website purchases It’s not that automatic. can generate many visits but not lead to a satisfactory conversion rate. Ok, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon my article right away! The first thing to do is understand what kind of visits your website needs to start generating profit. You must therefore have your business goal in mind.

Why is it important to understand

Do you want more users browsing your website because you provide information ? Do you want more traffic to the website from your Instagram Canada Business Fax List profile ? Do you want to increase website visits to grow e-commerce sales ?the nature of website visits to increase them? Finding out where your website traffic is coming from is crucial. It helps you understand if your digital marketing strategies are paying off. But remember, increasing website visits doesn’t automatically mean improving your website traffic. Do visits to your website come from Facebook ADS campaigns? Or are you generating traffic thanks to the newsletter?

But the only clicks you get

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Are you able to monitor the visits that come from affiliate marketing campaigns? If you’ve based your marketing strategy on organic traffic and Numbers Lists SEO,  are those from Facebook, there ‘s something wrong . How to find website traffic sources? The only effective way to understand where visits to your website are coming from is to track user traffic with a tool that monitors sessions on our website. The most famous and used is undoubtedly Google Analytics . The free tool that, with simple configurations, allows you to check every single action of our user on the website and, above all, to understand where a session or group of visits comes from. When I started using.

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