What is Re CAP TCHA The history of re CAP TCHA

Do you remember a situation when you were verified when registering in an e-shop? You may have had to check a box like “I’m not a robot” or type out content in a slightly distorted image. This is what Re CAP TCHA looks like in practice .

What else is this concept related to? Why is it so important to implement the indicated solution on your website? How to go about implementing security on your website? You’ll soon see for yourself!

What is Google Re CAP TCHA ? This is a free tool offered by Google. Its main goal is to distinguish bot activities from human practices. It protects the website against spam, i.e. spreading unwanted content on the Internet.

Benefits of implementing the reCAPTCHA system

Spam robots are turning out to be more and more clever, as evidenced by the massive advertising messages posted by their clients. The consequences of their actions can be found in contact forms, comment sections and other interactive areas of the website.

Re CAP tcha detects all abnormal behavior of Internet users on the website and is able to verify normal Whatsapp Data traffic on the website. A form of confirmation of being a real user of the network is to select the option “I am not a robot”. The uncertainty in determining the identity of the Internet user is dispelled by the generated re CAP TCHA code.

How to Run Re Cap Tcha Before Enabling the Security

Now you can start running the reCAPTCHA system on the website you manage. Just copy the code directly into the website code. Lack of experience and inappropriate Numbers Lists interference with the website code may negatively affect the functionality of the website.

Are you using WordPress content management software? After searching for appropriate plug-ins and installing them, the entire process will be completely automatic. Sometimes, however, it is better to play safe and seek expert advice.

Most often, these are pictures, and the task of the “guest” visiting the website is to select all the photos according to a specific pattern.

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