What is the about page and why is it important

The about page is generally one of the most visited and most read pages on your entire website and is also one of the most strategically important pages.When created effectively, the about page describes:

  • Who are you
  • What are you doing
  • what are your values
  • what is your company vision and mission
  • because your blog exists
  • why people should be interested in what you offer.Its primary goal is therefore to introduce yourself, build trust in your audience and establish a strong bond with your readers.In fact, the about page must explain whether it is you who can solve a specific problem for your readers and can play a very important role in helping your potential customer decide whether to buy from you or from your competitors.

It goes without saying therefore that the about page

Must not be overlooked and we must pay particular attention to every single detail .


They are probably considering whether your values ​​are in line with theirs , whether they can really trust you and whether you are the person who can best help them solve their problems and somehow make their life better.

For this the about page should never be too self-referential. No one cares if Belgium Phone Number List  you’re an “industry leader” (please, if you wrote that on your about page delete it now!) or if you’re the coolest/super wow/most everything of all.

Don’t focus on what your audience can do for you. Instead, focus on what you can do for them .

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What do you offer? How can you help them? Establish a bond with them, transmit empathy, create a bond of trust.

Okay, the theory sounds simple. But how does all this translate into practice?

Let’s see it now.

How to write an effective about page

To make an about page effective, however, we need Numbers Lists to tell who we are and what we do, what values ​​drive our business, what problems we can solve and how we can do it.

And we have to do it in a way that doesn’t bore our readers but involves them, conveys empathy and the desire to choose us.

So let’s go even further into the details and see more precisely what we have to write on our about page .

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