What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used monetization methods in the blogging world.

Through affiliate marketing, an affiliate promotes a product or service, perhaps through a blog article or YouTube video, and earns a commission for each sale generated .

But where do we find these products and services to promote? We mainly have two ways:

  • affiliate networks
  • individual company affiliate programs.

The difference is simple: while some companies manage their affiliates independently, many others rely on a network , which collects thousands of offers and connects the affiliates , who promote the offers, with advertisers , i.e. with companies that they have the product to sell.

So let’s see which are the best affiliate networks and how to find the affiliate programs of individual companies.

What are the best affiliate networks?

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate is one of the best known and most used affiliate programs by bloggers from all over the world.

It is currently the largest affiliate marketing network in the world with over 900,000 active affiliates and holds almost 45% shares of all affiliates.

And the reason why it is one of the most loved programs is because of the wide range of products that can be sponsored . In fact, everything that is on Amazon can be sold through affiliation.

And how to start working with Amazon?

Very simple:

  1. First you need to have an active blog. If you don’t have one yet, you can do it in minutes by following this guide .
  2. Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program (you can do it with your Amazon account or create one ad hoc)
  3. Find the products you want to sponsor
  4. Copy the product’s affiliate link from the SiteStripe bar that appears at the top of the Amazon page after signing up for the program
  5. Place affiliate links on your blog . I have prepared a GIF that explains how to hide the affiliate link under a text, called anchor text .

Another very effective way to promote Amazon products is to add boxes similar to a product listing on your blog.

There are several plugins to do this

Before, there was an Amazon own plugin but it has been retired and therefore you have to use third party plugins, like AAWP , one of my favorites and which I use with great results on some of my blogs.

The boxes it allows you to insert are like this in the image below. In fact, all you need to do is enter the product code and the plugin will automatically take all the data you want to show from Amazon, such as the photo, title, description or price.

From your affiliate page, you can also access your dashboard , where you Oman Phone Number List can monitor all the products you are promoting, analyze your results, track clicks, conversions and download all reports.

Amazon’s commission goes up to 10% depending on the items. Amazon Associates is therefore a great way to start making money with your blog.

But it is not the only affiliate network that exists. We also see the others.

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2. Awin

Another network full of affiliate programs from different niches is also Awin ( Affiliate Window ).

How it works is extremely simple : basically Awin helps affiliates find the best programs for their niche and at the same time helps companies find the best affiliates.

In Awin you can find affiliations regarding:

  • Finance & Insurance
    • Insurance, Banks and Accounts, Credit Cards, Real Estate, Investments and Savings, Mortgages, Loans
  • Retail & Shopping
    • Clothing, footwear and accessories, electronics and household appliances, sports Numbers Lists equipment, cars and engines, childhood, toys, PCs & videogames, DIY, home and gardening, erotica, greens, books, music and DVDs, furniture and furnishings, health and beauty, animals , etc.
  • Telcos & Services
    • Dating, online gaming, electricity and gas, digital TV, web hosting, telephone services, etc.
  • Travel
    • Travel agencies, car rental, airlines, cruises and ferries, hotels, coaches, trains, tourism and attractions, etc.

Through the search mask you can also filter the over 14,000 brands on the platform so as to find all the best offers for your business.

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