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Time in a decade Teaching at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencie. Holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT Leave a comment Comment First name* E-mail* Website Save my name, email. And website in this browser for the next time I comment. FOLLOW ME ON. SOCIAL MIA APPOINTMENTS Neuromarketing and neurobranding. Facebook live streaming Tutor & JEBV – Neurobranding: the use of archetypes to create a winning marketing strategy.

Live streaming Brand storming 

The engineering of emotions: how to use them seo expate bd in neurobranding Live streaming MY LATEST BOOKS BUY THE BOOK BUY THE BOOK BUY THE BOOK BUY THE BOOK NEWSLETTERS NEUROMARKETING Binaural sounds: what they are and how they work in our brain APRIL , Know thyself: when brain and emotions travel in unison APRIL NEUROBRANDING Fun is the plus for a winning marketer APRIL , Buzz marketing: relationships at the heart of conversational marketing APRIL , BRAND POSITIONING The excitement of discovery: the key thing for consumers APRIL , Digital semiotics: an innovative discipline for today’s communicator APRIL , DIGITAL & SOCIAL.

The great impact of micro

Aad nano influencers in marketing campaigns Numbers Lists APRIL Celebrity Marketing in the time of Coronavirus APRIL , PODCAST Mirroring: what it is, definition and examples MARCH , Framing: what it is, definition and examples MARCH , NEWS At the Marketers Festival : between positioning and neurobranding NOVEMBER , ECOMM and Pricting Personality: Likes reveal more than you think NOVEMBER , TAGS semioticsWeb marketing Flavio Insinna and violence on social mia June In Digital & Social Two television programs (two showbiz characters) at war over appearance and not content. The mia battle between Miaset and Rai is raging on television these days through two historic programs that have been on the schule for many years: Striscia la Notistica VS Affari Tui . These skirmishes began in the television season.

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