These offers work great to push a new product

We have seen that content marketing is an extremely powerful tool for making money online . The reason is simple: 93% of people go online to read guides and reviews before deciding whether or not to buy a product.However, very often it happens that we create content, such as blog articles, publish them and hello, forget them completely. They keep working on their own anyway, don’t they?To keep working over time, the contents must be updated constantly . It doesn’t matter if they’ve been number one on Google for years. If they’re not effective, they won’t convert, even if they’re well-placed.There are several things you can update, such as:

  • the features of a product, which often change over time
  • the price of the product
  • your opinion about that product
  • the dates within the article. An almost insignificant detail that makes readers run away is reading a review in 2022 where there are references to the fact that that guide was written in 2015. Watch out!

Make sure your guides are always fresh, up-to-date and evergreen.

Create comparison tables

Another super effective method to increase conversions and consequently also your earnings are comparison tables .

Through the comparison tables you can compare the characteristics of two products, their functionality, their price and so on.

There are many ways you can create comparison tables, such as specific Australia Phone Number List plugins or Elementor itself .

If you are earning through Amazon affiliations , then I suggest you install the AAWP plugin , which I also use successfully on some blogs that I follow and which allows you to manage your affiliate links, create boxes, comparative tables and much more.

Here is an example of the comparison tables you can create with AAWP :

phone number list

Just think that on one of the blogs where we installed AAWP, the AAWP comparison tables led to an increase in affiliate earnings of +282% just the first month we had it installed.

Really crazy! And it is precisely for this reason that I strongly suggest that you also include comparison tables on your blog if you want to increase your sales.

Promote new offers

If you are a member of affiliate programs , you will surely Numbers Lists have noticed that companies periodically send new offers to offer to your audience : new features, limited-time discounts and so on.

You know you’re sponsoring, or to give an old product a new lease of life.

I’ll give you an example.

Recently, SiteGround launched a new offer: 80% off its hosting plan , taking the monthly price from €12.99 to €2.49.

I jumped at the opportunity and immediately created a campaign. These were the results: over 67% conversion compared to 22% for my “standard” campaign.

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