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To provide a free online training program for final year students or fresh graduates. Participants will be able to study in sequence in class . Learn basic JavaScript programming Learn to create. Backend applications for beginners Understand . The basics of backend applications. Today we are announcing the names of selected participants who will move. On to the next stage of the back-end learning path of the Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship programme. The list of selected participants can be viewed at the following link: Relying on leftovers Coincidentally, Agree, a startup engaged in agriculture at the time, opened a job opening for an Android Developer. With zero work experience and a DTS certificate, Alan dared to apply. Allen acknowledged that a number of people have already signed.

Up for the position Seeing

That his opponents were all professionals, he felt inferior until Allen passed the tests he had to complete to theoretically compete. “At first I felt inferior to my opponents who looked like professionals, but when I saw the tests I had to take, how would I know about them? That’s because I really learned it when I was at DTS and I was confident Get it done. Thank God I was one of the whatsapp database people who passed the test until finally I was accepted as an Android developer.” In addition to being able to answer questions easily, Alan also admitted that there were other factors that made him admitted. During the interview, he was asked where he learned to code. Alan also replied that he got this knowledge from DTS and Dicoding.

Apparently Alan’s working

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environment is very familiar with Dicoding’s reputation. The company believed in Allen’s skills and ultimately entrusted him with the position he applied for. This type is still in the innovation or development stage. This type of machine will interact with human behavior and emotions. In other words, AI machines need to be able to understand the feelings of humans, animals, and Numbers Lists other machines. After successfully understanding these feelings, the machine needs to be able to use that information to make self-reflective decisions. Training session access tokens will be sent to selected participants’ emails on Monday, March 7, 2022. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Thank you and happy studying! — FGA Digital Talent Scholarship 2022.

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