The features of Surfer SEO


In fact, SurferSEO regularly analyzes your blog and intercepts all those actions that can improve your ranking , such as inserting links, images, adding or removing content and so on.

Through the Content Editor you will be guided during the drafting of a new article.Using it is very simple. Go to Content Editor, enter a keyword and launch the analysis. A sidebar will appear on the right with all the advice for drafting and optimizing the text.As you write the article, Surfer SEO will show you:

  • Content Score , which is an overall score based on how optimized your article is
  • the Content Structure , i.e. indications on the length that your post must have, the number of headlines , the number of paragraphs or the number of images.

As you can see in the example below, for the article I was writing he recommends staying between 2,600 and 3,087 words, using between 20 and 70 titles, writing at least 55 paragraphs and inserting between 6 and 26 images .

In addition to these general indications

Surfer SEO also gives you more specific indications regarding the main, secondary and related keywords to insert in your article.

As you can see from the image below, the tool suggests, for example, that Malaysia Phone Number List you use the keyword “email marketing” and repeat it at least 26-40 times, the keyword “email” about 6-11 times and so on.

The suggested keywords will then take on 3 different colors:

  • green , means you’ve used the keyword the suggested number of times
  • yellow , means you should enter the keyword a few more times within the text

The results of the content editor are truly amazing. In fact, they allowed me to be able to position some of my articles that had a keyword with very high competition and therefore more difficult to position as a focus keyword among the top 3 Google search results .

. After about 6 months, in fact, the article hadn’t positioned itself on Google. I don’t mean that it was badly positioned, I really mean that it was untraceable on Google!

A couple of days after the optimization, the article jumped from the depths of Google to the 33rd position. Incredible, isn’t it?

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The Audit function allows you to optimize

The articles of your blog based on the keyword for which you want to Numbers Lists position each content. How is this audit done? Simple.

Surfer SEO analyzes all the contents that have the best positioning on Google for that specific keyword and then advises you how to optimize each of your posts in order to reach – and surpass! – your competitors in the top positions of Google.

To do this, simply enter Audit, enter the URL of the content you want to optimize and the keyword you want to rank for.

Start the search and… dadan!

Here are many suggestions ready to optimize your article such as the number of words it should have, the keywords to insert in the body of the text, the outgoing and incoming links to add and so on.

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