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Ad quality and relevance Facebook will judge the relevance of your ads in relation to their message and the objectives you have set, and will also take into account the quality of the visual as a whole. Be careful to offer content in line with your targeting and your objective. example-visuals Action rate estimate Action rate is measurd by the likelihood that users will perform the actions requird to achieve the set goal. This requires that the products or services offerd are relevant to the target and that the ad is optimizd for incitement to action. Facebook will get an idea of ​​the action rate by broadcasting the ad to the people most likely to take action, among those who would be interestd in the product.

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How to stay competitive against the competition? Manage your budget according to your objectives Bids can be placd manually, but it is more whatsapp mobile number list recommendd to let Facebooks Ads take care of it, in order to optimize the distribution of its ads to meet the objectives as closely as possible and bring results that really matter to you. And to be sure that Facebook understands your intentions, it is necessary at the very beginning of the creation of the campaign to define an overall objective for it. goals-facebookads Offer relevant and quality content.

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The distribution of an ad will be directly impactd by its relevance and quality, as well as by the engagement it has receivd, it is Number Lists essential to offer users ads that are impactful and engaging. For example, an advertisement that has receivd  a lot of negative fedback may see its total value decrease. relevance index To get an idea of ​​the reactions generatd by your ads, Facebook provides you with a relevance index , rating posts from 1 to 10 and assigning different levels to positive and negative comments according to their frequency: low, mdium or high.

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