Positive feedback and empathy improve people’s

You have to read their negative feedback and rants about your products and writings and at worst they threaten to tell everyone how big of a fraud you are (even though we both know you’re not). For a moment, encountering these things and people is ok, but if it continues for a long time, they effectively lower motivation and self-esteem. What should be done with these things? My awesome content was stolen! I got the idea for this post when three different people emailed me and told me that my content had been used indiscriminately on other blogs without referring to me and my blog in the posts. First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to Tiana, Essig and Heli for being active. This post is 100% dedicated to you <3 Second, I want to give absolution to these bloggers who have acted this way.

What are you focusing on next year

When the rush eases in December, it’s good to think about the next year already. ? What things are important to you? What do you want to learn? What are the top three things on the priority list? What things do you want to succeed in? Be proud of yourself latest database and your accomplishment this year. The year has been long when you looked at it in January but surprisingly short now that a full 12 months have passed. My awesome content was stolen! To produce content | 2 Comments | Tibia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 57 SHARES Facebook 56 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn My awesome content was stolen! If you are a successful blogger or entrepreneur, you will unfortunately have to deal with people copying and stealing your content and ideas and spreading nasty gossip about you behind your back.

Make this activity a routine and

Book an appointment with a masseuse or spend the whole day at the Day Spa. Perhaps you prefer to relax and rest with a book. Turn off the TV, phone and laptop and enjoy. November In November, it’s good to look back and think about what the year has been like. What good has the year brought? What have you learned? What kind of reasons for gratitude have you found in your life? In what matters have you been particularly successful? Write down all the positive things for yourself. Customer feedback, comments, own experiences. You need these at the latest in the situation when you feel that nothing wants to succeed. And they come up in the lives of our Numbers Lists entrepreneurs from time to time.  write down 1-3 positive and grateful things every day. After a year, you’ll have at least 365 great memories up there. December The last month of the year starts.

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