Out through communication

Search network text ads appear above and Out through below organic Google search results. Googles keyword advertising is basically at its best at the stage of the purchase process. when the customer has already made a purchase decision and it is now a question of where he will make his purchase. So the purpose is to catch customers when they are actively looking for your companys products or services. With keyword advertising. we influence the

Advertising creates demand

Reach and Convert phases of the MRACE ® model. Display for b2b leads your product Display advertising is a banner-shap channel that allows you to reach more than 90% of all internet users . In display advertising. you pay above all for visibility at the beginning of the purchase pipeline. You can show your ads to customers before they even know they ne your products.

Reach large audiences

b2b leads

With display advertising. you and you get to present to them e.g. new products for your Numbers Lists brand and online store. You reach your customers at any stage of the buying process. whether they are completely cold or already warmer customers. for example those who have already visit the website. Click prices are typically low compar to search advertising.

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