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 The best way to piss off your readers is to be dishonest. Think how your readers will feel if you get caught lying? Betrayed? Worthless?  why even write a blog? The situation can be corrected in many ways. The more honestly you correct situations, admit that you did wrong and apologize, the more your readers will start to appreciate you again. In my case, one of the biggest lies in my blogging career has been when I wrote in my e-book that in 2009 I was on the verge of a financial disaster. In reality, it was 2010. When I realized this, I felt like a fraud. 1100 people have read my book and I felt like I let every one of them down. I know that the correction did not reach everyone, but I corrected my mistake in one of my blog posts (if I find it among the 100 already published posts, I will link it here).

If your reader is not worthy of the truth,

Namely, the more you give credit to others, the more readers will start to appreciate you too. ( Ps When you read my blog and if it occurs to you that another blogger’s text or an entrepreneur’s product would be perfect for one of my posts, I will be super-hyper grateful if you suggest it to me. There is no way I have time to go through all the blogs, so by helping me, you are helping others at special data the same time .I am very happy to share praise with my readers, other bloggers and entrepreneurs <3 ) does not always mean that the act is appropriate. We are human beings who, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, simply forget to tell where the text was obtained from. Actions are weighed at the latest when someone points out that a mistake has been made. Lies always have short tracks.

A lie has short tracks Copying

I’m not bitter or angry with them, but grateful. Stealing content is the highest honor a blogger can receive. Namely, then it tells you that the content is so valuable that it is worth stealing. So Thank you! I don’t want to publish blog addresses, because I think it’s unnecessary. There is a very high probability that they will read this post too and feel a stab in their heart. One of the bloggers has edited the content afterwards, thank you. <3 However, copying another’s text is wrong, especially if it is done word for word. Writing original text is Numbers Lists sometimes challenging when it feels like there is already so much text in the world. However, it is worth remembering that each of us is a unique person and each of us has our own style of writing and our own thoughts to express. However, it would be best from everyone’s point of view if you would refer to the original text with a link in your own text.

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