Mastering the information tunnel


In any case, it is in your interest to understand the main foundations of a strong visual identity. You need to understand the important parameters related to its creation. Obviously, color is one of the essential aspects to take into account when it comes to images. The choice of shade palette to use will have a direct impact on the image conveyed and on the emotions/thoughts/ideas inspired at first sight.


Whatever your sector of activity, you must go through the stage of choosing the colors to apply to your visual media. The color alone is likely to highlight your identity. You can build your strategic concept around this parameter. The latter will say enough about the characteristics and values ​​of your company. Having a symbolic meaning, it can generate emotional impacts to the target audience. Warm hues such as red, yellow and orange in particular tend to elicit positive reactions. They inspire optimistic thoughts and pleasant feelings. Endowed with an energetic character, they reflect dynamism, creativity, vitality and diversity. Choose colors of this shade if these values ​​reflect your corporate identity.

The meaning of cool hues

Cool hues such as blue, purple, green and gray evoke a more austere and formal look. They are most often associated with serious topics as UK Business Fax List well as more complex and technical industries . In general, they symbolize calm, peace, luck and modernity. Orient yourself towards these colors if your company specializes in a rather scientific, strategic or technological field.

Take care of the typography to create a unique and recognizable logo

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Typography can be defined as the style applied to a word with the purpose of making it more expressive and pleasing to the eye. It takes into account the font and the printing characters used. Its consideration is key to creating an authentic logo and evoking a striking visual identity . This mission is tricky for professionals who lack talent in this area. Many Numbers Lists entrepreneurs decide to call on the expertise of graphic designers to take care of the typography of their branding. In this way, they will benefit from quality work that will certainly have an effect in the eyes of the public.

As project managers, it is up to them to set the main lines of this typography. They can also benefit from expert advice from specialists, particularly in terms of the optimal combination of styles and fonts. With the experts of a web strategy agency , you are sure to forge a strong, unique, recognizable and memorable visual identity. Make sure your branding typography is consistent with your tagline and values. This will allow you to significantly stand out from your competitors.

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