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Visits on the websites I managed. increase website visits Google Analytics Easy Web Marketing A portion of the Google Analytics homepage it,  for setting up and monitoring a solid growth strategy for a website. I also advise you to “get your hands dirty with this tool”! Ok, but why does using GA help you increase website visits? The strategy to increase visits to the website Once you have chosen the tool to monitor visits and defined your goal, you can finally design a strategy to increase visits to the website. Take the increase in organic traffic as a reference.

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We will focus on how to increase visits from search engines , which on balance is Google (there are many but in the US and EU market, it dominates Singapore Business Fax List unchallenged). Well, the first myth to dispel is this: Don’t immediately aim to be first for a keyword . What most people think is: “ Ok, starting tomorrow I will be in first position on Google for the word [insert your profession name here]”. Wrong! Rather, you must aim to plan the base of that ideal pyramid that will allow you, in the long term – thanks to SEO optimization – to reach the top of the search results. And thus increase visits to your site! increase visits to website SEO pyramid easy web marketing.

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The SEO pyramid according to Rand Fishkin of SeoMoz, one of the most popular SEO tools in the world. consider most important for your Numbers Lists website) will reach the top positions on Google because the content you created to support it works in this direction. Increase visits to the website Consulting-SEO-mechanical-Easy-Web-Marketing How the SEO pyramid allows you to increase site visits To understand the concept of SEO pyramid, here is a very simple example. Let’s say you want to bring your website to the top position with the keyword.

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