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I don’t know how many books have accompani me home after spending hours “surfing” through that endearing scrap, but, definitely, they have been many and good, and some, of course, are still there, waiting for me to read them. Anyone who says they have read all the books on their shelves – I dare say it – is either lying or has an almost superhuman reading capacity . Nassim Taleb , author of Lebanese origin (although he prefers to consider himself Levantine) who wrote a few years ago a book that introduc a suggestive theme around the emergence of the unexpect in human affairs, entitl The Black Swan .

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The impact of the highly improbable , in a passage from the introduction, leaves us with this suggestive idea: (…) a private library is not an appendage to stimulate the ego, but a tool business email list for research. Read books have much less value than unread ones. (…) We will accumulate more knowlge and more books as we grow older, and the growing number of unread books on the shelves will look at us with a threatening expression. Inde, the more we know, the longer the rows of unread books become.

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We are going to call this series of unread books anti-library . (Taleb, 2011, p. 41) But let’s leave Taleb and his anti-library (at some point I will write about this curious idea) and continue with Quilca. As Numbers Lists the years went by, it is true, my visits became less frequent, as I discover other places where those past treasures were offer. Grau Avenue, the little shops locat at the Jirón Amazonas fair, Malambito Street , the garages on Universitaria Avenue to which the San Marcos booksellers mov.

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