How to defend yourself against the removal of positive backlinks

One way to defend yourself against this unfortunate situation is to carry out frequent and regular backlink audits using SEO tools like Semrush.

In fact, from the Semrush dashboard, you can check how many and which backlinks you have lost over time. To do this, go to Backlink Analysis and select the “Lost” button.

You can also filter them by period to find only recently lost links, for example.


How to recognize a bout of negative SEO

How to know if we have been victims of negative SEO or if the loss of traffic is due, for example, to an update of Google algorithms?

The only way to find out is to do a thorough analysis of your website . Some signs that should alarm you are:

  • A sudden and sudden loss of traffic
  • You notice a sudden and anomalous increase in traffic , perhaps Italy Phone Number List from abroad, and numerous mentions on the web and on social media
  • The Semrush sensor does not show any particular variations in the SERPs and there have been no recent updates to the Google algorithm
  • Overnight you find yourself with thousands of backlinks from “strange” sites or with repetitive content, often with anchors related to the adult world, which have nothing to do with your site or which – on the contrary – are keywords related to the monetization of your content
  • You have received a manual penalty from Google

phone number list

Within less than a month, I had over 50,000 spam backlinks from Numbers Lists over 200 different sites, most of them from PBN.

In these cases, timeliness is everything.

As you can see from the graph, we immediately started reaching out to various sites asking for backlink removals and this led to an actual drop in spam links. But the joy was short-lived as the spam links kept coming and the curve started climbing again. We therefore had to disable all unwanted links.

Is the job done? Absolutely not. It is important to always stay alert and continue to monitor the problem.

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