How much can you earn from blogging

We now come to a crucial question: how much can you earn through blogging?

Blogging can be very profitable as well . Any examples?

Here are some earnings of the major blogs in Italy and abroad for 2020:

  • HuffPost earned $143 million
  • Moz made $47.5 million
  • TechCrunch earned $30 million
  • Cliomakeup earned 10 million euros
  • Salvatore Aranzulla earned around 3 million euros.

Does this mean that it is enough to open a blog to reach these figures? Unfortunately not

At the basis of these results, in fact, there are several factors, such as knowing how to write effective content , an excellent SEO strategy, the right marketing and a good dose of patience and tenacity.

But there are also some differences that explain why some bloggers manage to earn very interesting figures while others struggle to put on a few euros:

  • Believe in yourself . If you’re not really convinced you can do it… well, you won’t. A “pathology” into which we bloggers often fall is imposter syndrome , ie that belief – more or less rational – that our skills are not that high , even if maybe in reality they really are. And Mexico Phone Number List that showing the world what we can do is a bit of a way to deceive those who follow us. Know that if you too see yourself in this syndrome, then you are on the right track. And blogging can really help you get through it
  • Invest . Even if creating a blog has a very low cost, to make it grow it is important to start investing in increasingly specific digital marketing tools . It’s a bit like becoming a professional pilot. To learn to drive you buy a cheap car but if you want to compete, it is important to invest something to have a more powerful car
  • Learn to prioritize the tasks to be performed. When we blog, there are so many things to do. It is important to be able to understand in which order to do them in order to prioritize the most urgent ones. An excellent strategy to be able to prioritize is to use the Eisenhower matrix which allows you to divide your tasks into important-urgent, important-non-urgent, not important-urgent, not important-non-urgent

Remember that blogging is never a sprint , it’s a marathon.

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We must be constant, gain experience, constantly develop new skills and learn to analyze our project and optimize it, so as to be able to bring it to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

Pros and cons of blogging

We have seen that blogging is certainly not a simple activity. In fact, it takes the right mix of skills, perseverance and self-discipline to be able to succeed with a blog.

Because when we blog, we know we are sowing seeds today to reap the fruits tomorrow .

So, is blogging really worthwhile? Let’s see the pros and cons of this activity.


Blogging can make you very good money

The growth of a blog is often not linear but exponential . This means Numbers Lists that initially you see few results but the more you go on, the more the results multiply

Through a blog you can share your belief system with the rest of the world and connect with people who share your same vision and values

Through a blog, you can build a strong personal brand and establish yourself as an expert in your industry

Unlike a physical store, where you earn only when you work actively, with blogging you can create passive income that allows you to generate income even if you are not actively working

Blogging allows you to acquire vertical skills in many different areas, such as SEO, creative writing, advertising. Copywriting, funnel marketing and digital marketing, all activities that will enrich you both from a personal and professional.

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