How long does it take to position a website

You have set up a website – you have a store, a company card , a thematic portal and you realize that the Google search engine is an essential source of traffic for the website.

For this reason, you decide on positioning, activities aimed at achieving high positions for queries that best describe your business. But will the effects appear overnight? How long does it take to position a website?

Are you wondering why when writing about search engines we only mention Google? It’s not a coincidence. This search engine is the most popular among Internet users in Poland, and it is no different if we take into account all countries of the world.

When are positioning effects what does it depend on

In Poland, however, this domination is decisive. According to, Google had over 96% in December 2021. market share.

Therefore, you should focus primarily on this search engine. It is a key Whatsapp Number List  source of traffic for websites on various topics, including online stores.

A study conducted by Shoper, the platform on which such websites operate, shows that organic Google search results were the largest source of traffic for such websites in 2020 – with a result of 31%.

You already know that positioning activities can bring you traffic, but is it really a form of advertising that also brings customers to your business?

Website Positioning is a Process Are You Wondering

Of course! Currently, we look for and buy almost everything online – both products aimed at consumers and the B2B industry. Things that cost a few zlotys, but also those whose purchase costs hundreds of thousands.

The first contact must always take place first – someone has Numbers Lists to come across your offer, and Google’s organic traffic is the one with a high conversion rate. But how long does it take to position a website ?

Achieving high positions in search results is a process. This won’t happen overnight. It’s not like you decide to position your website today and tomorrow you’ll enjoy good visibility for your key queries.

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