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Before clicking on the ad. which ruces the How does your number of unnecessary clicks. Targeting centraliz clicks is essential because each click consumes the advertising budget. It is therefore strategically and economically efficient to offer the opportunities brought by Google Shopping by immiately providing users with the necessary information about the products. Programmatic buying buying refers to buying advertising with the help of systems – machines and algorithms. It is therefore a way of buying advertising where. unlike direct buying. the buyer has control over the campaign. Programmatic buying can take advantage of third-party data. In programmatic buying. ads

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At this point. the user he nes about the product and can go How does your directly to the online store for shopping. By clicking on b2b email list the Shopping ad. your customer can go directly to the product page of your online store. where they can add the product to the shopping cart. Google Shopping brings ready-to-buy traffic to your online store with a high conversion rate .

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With Google Shopping. we Convert phase of the MRACE® framework . Shopping Numbers Lists Shopping view Keyword advertising makes your products discoverable Keyword advertising is one of the clearest and easiest to measure digital marketing channels. Keyword advertising brings up the product youre advertising only when a potential buyer is looking for it.

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