How Dealfront helps you acquire new customers and increase the profits from your SEO investment

Dealfront is a tool that will help you identify potential customers visiting your website. Thanks to this, you will use website traffic more effectively. You will acquire valuable contacts that will help you increase sales and achieve a better return on investment in SEO, Google Ads and other sources used to acquire customers.

Dealfront analyzes user behavior on the website. The tool is able to recognize companies visiting your website that do not interact and complete

What are the benefits of filtering companies by search intent

Dealfront identifies the companies Numbers Lists that visit your website. Therefore, you should ensure that your website is optimally prepared. For this purpose, it is worth creating appropriate websites with services or products and publishing content that is interesting to potential customers.

This requires keyword analysis, which will help you plan the information architecture on the website. This way, you will learn what pages with services or products you should create and what content to prepare for your company blog.

What is Dealfront

Designate a person to handle Numbers Lists the tool on a daily basis.
Determining how to work on Dealfront, including tagging traffic by products, intentions, stage in the purchasing path, ICP, etc…
Integrating the tool with CRM to transfer data to salespeople responsible for establishing contacts on Linkedin.

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