How Active Campaign works

First you will need to create an ActiveCampaign account which will also allow you to test the platform completely free for 14 days .Once the account has been created, you will enter your dashboard where you can manage your contacts, your emails, your automations, your reports, settings and so on.As you can see from the screen, on the left you will find a menu where you can access the Active Campaign features:First steps: in this section you will have a list with all the first steps to do for setting up your account, such as entering your personal data and those of your business, importing or adding contacts, integrating ActiveCampaign to your website , send your first newsletter and so on

Contacts: from here you can manage all

  • Your contacts, tags for segmentation, scores, exclusions or export your contacts
  • Campaigns: Campaigns are one-time emails that you can send to your contacts. They are not part of an automation. You simply write them and send them. Through this section you can therefore create new campaigns, analyze the statistics of the campaigns sent, manage the email templates, etc.
  • Automations: Automations are instead paths (or funnels) that you can create. Examples Germany Phone Number List of automations are series of emails that are sent automatically at the times you want but also segment contacts, give tags, manage scores and so on. Everything that must happen automatically (if a condition X occurs then automation Y occurs), you can set it right from the automations
  • Conversations: through conversations, you can interact in real time with your users, for example by implementing a chat on your website or Facebook Messenger and managing everything from your ActiveCampaign account
  • Lists: you can also organize your contacts into lists, i.e. macro-segmentations, such as categories. In this section you can therefore manage the lists, add and remove contacts from the various lists and s
  • Site: in the “site” section you can instead

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  • reate landing pages, contact forms, manage web customization – i.e. show each contact the most suitable content for him – and connect your website, for example to track visits from your contacts on your site and thus synchronize the sales and marketing process in real time
  • Statistics: in this section you can monitor and analyze Numbers Lists the progress of your entire email marketing strategy through statistics and reports of individual campaigns, automations, goals and so on
  • Settings: finally the settings, where you can manage your contacts, your emails, your payment methods, upgrade or downgrade your plan, recover tracking codes and much more.

But let’s go even further into the details. What are the features of ActiveCampaign? Let’s see it together.

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