Focus on benefits not features

One mistake I often see on many affiliate blogs is reviews that only feature an endless list of technical features.I’m not saying that it’s bad to explain the features and functions of a product, of course. But when we buy something, we hardly do it for the characteristics but for the advantages and benefits that we will get from that product.So next time you talk about a product, focus on how it can help your readers rather than the features it offers.Let me ask you: when you realize that people aren’t buying a product you promote, what do you do?The most classic answer I’ve heard is: “Nothing, I’ll wait”.I’ll let you in on a top secret: if you don’t do anything, how can you expect anything to change?

Catch objections that are blocking the sale

Let’s reverse the situation. You are a supplier who introduces himself in front of a customer. Present your product, explain its features and benefits, give a practical demonstration. The customer looks at you and replies: “Yes, I really like it but I don’t think it’s the right solution for us” .

What do you do? Do you thank and leave? Or do you try to overcome the objection and drive home your sale?

In affiliate blogging it is exactly the same thing but with a small difference: you cannot USA Phone Number List speak directly to your prospect and wait for his objection. His objection, in fact, in the case of a blog is to close the page and buy from a competitor.

So how do you go about overcoming your reader’s objection and closing the sale? Simple: anticipating the objection . And to be able to do this, it is important to listen to our audience with an open heart, understand who the people who are part of it are, what they need, what their goals, desires and fears are.

An objection is often not a no . It’s a request. It’s up to you to intercept that request, anticipate the objection and accompany the potential customer towards his purchase.

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Track your achievements

If you want to increase your affiliate sales, it’s also important to keep tabs on all the results you’re getting from every single affiliate link you have.

Which links are driving sales? Which ones aren’t? And why?

Having the answer to these 3 simple questions is essential to know what we need to optimize, perhaps pushing what works and eliminating – or modifying – what doesn’t work.

To determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and, in particular, of your affiliate marketing strategy, it is therefore essential to keep track of what are called KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ), i.e. the metrics that are used to analyze our activities.

By analyzing the KPIs we can in fact discover a lot of useful Numbers Lists information, such as which campaigns are getting the best results, which ones are not working and which ones should be optimized more.

But be careful not to confuse KPIs with vanity metrics , i.e. vanity metrics, those metrics for their own sake that don’t give us any real indication of how our business is working, such as the number of followers on the Facebook page.

Some of the most important KPIs to track in an affiliate marketing strategy are, for example.

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