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Google Maps into one big campaign. From the point Find exactly of view of e-commerce. the most important thing is a functional product fe and the images. texts and videos plac around it. One way to curb the dominance of artificial intelligence in P-Max is to build several campaigns bas on the product fe. Machine learning and automation are at the center of Performance Max. and artificial intelligence decides how ads are display in which context.

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The campaign type is therefore not that have precise visual. Frames and want to precisely manage the use of the budget. Performance business database Max is design to expand visibility and find more converting customers. Performance Max produces results in every step of our MRACE© model. Read more Performance Max campaign type and other. Google Ads innovations What is known P-Max Performance Max covers the entire Google Ads product family

Uses third-party data Programmatic

business database

With Google Shopping. we Convert phase of the MRACE® framework . Shopping Numbers Lists Shopping view Keyword advertising. Makes your products discoverable Keyword advertising is one of the clearest and easiest to measure digital marketing channels. Keyword advertising brings up the product youre advertising only when a potential buyer is looking for it.

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