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A professional agency looks at PR from many aspects and offers a service in the 360 ​​model. What does this mean in practice? If necessary, a public relations company can create company branding or carry out a comprehensive brand rebranding , deal with content marketing, take care of activity in social meia, implement an SEO and SEM strategy, prepare an effective and impressive PR event, and even comprehensively train the team in a specific field. The 360 ​​Agency works on the principle of synergy – it meticulously implements the assume public relations strategy, while exploiting the brand on all levels and combining various PR tools and image building techniques.

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Commitment and professionalism A decent public relations agency is fully committe to its duties. You will learn about the PR company’s approach to cooperation at the first meeting. If agency representatives ask detaile questions, focus on your database expectations and requirements, and propose unique, tailore solutions, it means that they are distinguishe by full professionalism, and cooperation will undoubtely be successful. A company that proposes universal solutions in advance, follows beaten paths and is not 100% committe to a given issue will never get the most out of its public relations potential.


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Working with this company is a waste of time. Continuous development The market is constantly changing. There are constantly new, advance technologies and innovations that have a greater or lesser impact on public relations. In order to Number Lists effectively implement image strategies.  And easily achieve business goals, you nee to “be up to date”. A decent public relations agency knows what’s hot, uses innovative tools and thus achieves spectacular results. Creativity The last, but not least, feature of a decent public relations agency is the ability to approach individual projects creatively. A good agency will never offer you universal solutions, but will strive for originality.

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