Examples of the best about pages

Ok, now we have seen many indications for creating an effective about page. Now, how about going to see some examples of pages about us that are really very well done in practice?I show you my favourites. NeN is a youthful and innovative energy company. His trademark is undoubtedly the fresh, conversational and playful communication that he always manages to get to the point in a fun and light way.

And its about page could not be otherwise.

The strengths of NeN’s about page :

  • Tell their story, focusing only on the salient points
  • Show team
  • Explain the benefits of choosing NeN.


Canva also gives us an excellent Greece Phone Number List example of an effective about page.

The strengths of its about page are:

  • immediately explains what Canva is in a short and precise way
  • Show your results
  • Explain the company values
  • The page links to other important pages on the site.


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SiteGround also has an about page that I really like. It puts the focus not so much on the service as on the team behind it , presenting the company in a professional and coherent way.

The strengths of the SiteGround about page

  • It highlights their strength and differentiation from their competitors, i.e. their team
  • Explain the values ​​they believe in and uphold
  • Show team
  • It has a clear final call to action.

Final thoughts

Today we have seen together a lot of notions on how to write an effective about page. I hope I have given you many ideas to further improve your blog and especially your about page.

But now it’s your turn!

Open your about page: is it really effective? Explain Numbers Lists clearly and concisely who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you differ from your competitors? Have you entered a clear CTA? And is that CTA converting?

And if you have any other questions, feel free to write me in the comments below.

Happy blogging!I love playing with words and Google’s algorithms – not necessarily in that order. In my spare time I dedicate myself to reading, playing video games and discovering new universes.

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