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It’s not impossible. But it takes a lot of time and a lot of SEO work (and it may not be enough) on your website. In short, you would need to create a solid base of the pyramid I was talking about above. In fact, if your site only contains content related to the topic Sushi in Milan , it will be MUCH more difficult to get good positioning for that keyword.  authoritative and broad-shouldered site (Tripadvisor or TheFork.

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Just to mention names) content that talks about the subject! Here’s why you shouldn’t focus on being first on search engines for a specific keyword. It Austria Business Fax List is very expensive work and the results may never come. Instead, aim to improve the visibility of your website by positioning yourself for many keywords related to your “business topic”. You will think later, after having laid the foundations of the SEO pyramid, to perfect the web exposure of individual pages based on keywords. If everything is clear up to here, let’s see some strategies that increase organic traffic to your professional website or your e-commerce. 7 strategies to increase visits to the website 1. Find the ideal content First of all, what is meant by content?

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It is anything that the user can read, watch,improve his browsing experience when he is looking for information on a topic. Content formats can Numbers Lists be different: a well written blog article a photo gallery or a collection on Pinterest a video on YouTube a PDF guide or an ebook to download a review or presentation on SlideShare Finding the right content to give to your readers is a fundamental thing to increase traffic, and do you know why? Because if your reader finds the content interesting and considers it of great value to him, you have a much better chance that he will share it with friends and unleash

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