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You won’t have to repeat it a thousand times on the same page to increase site visits. Forget this outdated and counterproductive practice. Instead, dedicate yourself to searching for all the words that users type on Google with the hope of finding content related to the topic your website is about. Technically, you need to do Keyword Research . , find synonyms and related words, think about how the user can search for that topic (Search Intent ) on Google. Pull down a nice Excel list to get a clear picture of the situation.

Collect keywords by search volume

There are tons of online tools that help you develop Keyword Research. SEMrush, SEOzoom,, Google Keyword planner, etc. Increase website visits keyword-research-for-seo-copywriting-seozoom-tool Easy Web Brazil Business Fax List Marketing But if you are not a professional and need a quick solution, before calling me, you can use the Keyword Surfer extension for Google Chrome . It gives you a first idea of ​​the estimated traffic volume for a search query. 5. In the meantime create the content, then optimize it! Many get stuck because they are concerned about SEO optimization of a content. How you do it? I am not able. And what if I’m wrong?

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Don’t let this nonsense stop you .  creativity (and traffic to your website). No one has ever died for making an SEO mistake! Think about satisfying Numbers Lists the needs of those who will read your page who will find it on Google . He will have to be delighted with your content. He will have to say: “ damn, this page is the bomb, I should let [insert your best friend’s name here] read it !!” 6. Don’t be cheap with backlinks (if you need them)! I have known entrepreneurs who, in order not to insert an external link to their website, would have been willing to have their arm cut off. If you want to increase visits to the website, I suggest you be more flexible!  that if you link to an external site to yours.

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