Differentiation from competitors and social media

Discovery is clearly more advertising. Ads are Differentiation from notic better. the click rate is higher and the conversion rate is higher. Since Discovery Ads appear strongly in connection with the content. it is their most effective angle in arousing interest (Reach). However. if done well. Discovery Ads can be us in every step of our MRACE© model. Read also Googles counterattack to traditional native advertising.

YouTube brings videos

Discovery Ads to your advertising Connecting YouTube to the digital marketing of online stores can increase the conversion rate business lead significantly. Research has shown that those using YouTube video ads and search advertising have a three percent higher conversion rate and a four percent lower CPA than advertisers who use only search advertising. Such a big difference in the conversion rate already has a clear impact on the business.

Appearance of promotional

business lead

The content and visual videos should be consistent with the brand identity of the online Numbers Lists store and with other content visible on social mia. In the MRACE ® framework . YouTube advertising affects the Reach and Convert stages. The Reach phase arouses new interest in your product or service. The Convert stage uses remarketing to bring interest people back to your site to request an offer.

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