Develop content starting from the main

A positive circuit with his network, with a favorable impact on popularity. Attention! I’m not talking about virality . Content doesn’t necessarily have to have that detonator effect that unleashes hundreds or thousands of reactions on the net: it must have the right interest for that type of audience you appeal to. For example, it is useless to write a lot of text (even if SEO optimized) if your target are users who are looking for “funny photos”.  Aim to provide the content they are looking for without beating about the bush! Select the best images, create new ones, don’t copy them here and there (unless you make a collection of the best funny images on the web) and aim for quality. Your thought must be.

They need images, video at best!

There will be no better content than mine around the web “. If you can achieve this goal, rest assured that visits to your website will come. 2. Create Belgium Business Fax List an adequate editorial plan It’s always better not to shoot random content. Plan a mind map or roadmap that allows you to understand how to develop your content and above all how you can connect it to each other through internal links. (PED)! A nice editorial lineup so that, once the central topic has been traced, it provides the user with everything they need without going to look for sources outside your website. Another goal you must aim for : your site must be the only source (or almost) where to find everything! Divide your editorial plan into sub-topics, if.

What is needed is a good Editorial Plan

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Necessary distribute the content over multiple pages (without stepping on each other’s toes with SEO) and remember to link them together through Numbers Lists internal links. 3. Do basic SEO optimization In the beginning, you don’t need great SEO action. Just apply those few basic optimization techniques (but give me a call when your website isn’t getting enough traffic! ). Always assign the title to each web page Don’t duplicate text on your site’s pages Do not create duplicate permalinks and URL slugs Make your pages easy to read By respecting these 4 initial points, you.

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