Create or grow your contact list

Over 80% of the sales I generate with my blog come from email marketing.In fact, email marketing is still a fundamental tool for creating closer and more intimate relationships with your audience.  Because the blog can be recreated from scratch, the relationship I’ve built over the years with my audience, on the other hand, is much more difficult to create again.In fact, through the blog, you can attract new traffic, create a solid online presence, showcase your knowledge and skills, but this is not enough for people to come back to you and buy the products you promote.


If tomorrow your blog disappeared into thin air

you would no longer have anything in hand. Your blog traffic is in the hands of search UAE Phone Number List engines. Your contact list is the only direct channel between you and your audience , the only channel that you really own, that is not in the hands of anyone else, that you control yourself.

All you need to do is send one email to get back in touch with all your readers.

Through emails you can send your readers advice, suggestions, ideas to achieve their goals and solve their problems. You will create a relationship of mutual trust , you will increase interest in what you offer and – consequently – you will also increase the sales of your affiliates.

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Potentially, the bigger your list, the more income you can make from it

It’s never too late to create a contact list. If you don’t have it yet, get started now. You can do this for example with ActiveCampaign , Sendinblue or GetResponse .

If on the other hand you have it, work on acquiring new Numbers Lists leads and always continue to care for the people who are already in it.

8. Offer promotional codes

Another great strategy for increasing your affiliate sales is something we’ve already mentioned, which is to offer promo codes to your audience .

In fact, many companies provide discounts and coupons to their affiliates. This way you and your audience have both won: they buy a product at a discounted price and you earn a commission from the sale.

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