Create an effective site architecture

An effective site architecture is undoubtedly one of the most important things to be successful with a blog but also one of the most underrated things of all. This is why I wanted to devote ample space to this topic also in the Blog Academy courses , the online blogging school.But what does site architecture have to do with affiliate sales? It does come in.First of all, a site created with an excellent architecture has a better chance of positioning well on search engines, consequently increasing its traffic. And we’ve already seen throughout this guide why this is so important.Secondly, we have seen how important it is to know how to channel traffic to the pages that interest us, creating structured internal paths that guide users to discover our content.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say someone searches

Google for “Where to go on vacation this year” and finds your article on the best summer destinations.

Click, enter, read and find a place that interests him. Now, if you haven’t created UK Phone Number List a route for him, that person might leave your site and look on another website for how to get to that location, where to sleep, and so on.

And you didn’t earn anything.

Think instead if that same user clicked inside your article on the location he has chosen and lands on another page of yours, where you are presented with holiday packages. He finds one that fits his needs and buys it. And lo and behold, you’ve earned a commission.

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The difference between earning and not earning is very often just a click away. For this it is important to know how to create an extremely effective site architecture.

 Do some A/B tests to identify the best performing content

If you want to increase affiliate sales it is important not only to create content but also – and I would say above all! – optimize them over time to make them increasingly effective and performing.

An infallible technique for doing this is A/B testing (or split testing) which Numbers Lists consists in creating two versions of the same campaign to check which of the 2 has the best performance.

We can do A/B tests on any type of content, such as site pages, blog articles, in emails or our banner ads.

As far as emails are concerned, for example, doing a split test is very simple because most email marketing platforms provide you with the possibility to do it directly within them.

In ActiveCampaign for example, the tool I use to send newsletters, you just need to go to New Campaign and select Split Test.

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