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The article is general, but still gives a lot of added value, for example by the fact that the customer saves the price of 3 hours when he does the initial work himself. r to the landing page or directly to the form. In the form, you ask the same things as you would ask face to face. ( The landing page is a better option because you get the visitor’s email address directly and you can then automate the emails. If you redirect directly to the form, you have to manually transfer the email addresses to, for example, Active Campaign. ) , automate a thank you message in which you offer a small package of information about your services.

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The purpose of the marketing and sales tunnel is to get you customers without spending time on e-mails, writing requests for offers and waiting for customer responses.  offer your customers. Think about and write 2 – 4 different blog articles that talk about new database your services. Before you publish the articles, make 1 – 3 different contact / survey forms that map out your customer’s needs right from the start. If you offer more than 3 services, do not make this tunnel for each service. It is important to build automation one part at a time. For example: You are writing an article about logo design. You want to increase your expertise and tell the customer what it is good to know before contacting the graphic designer and the logo design can begin.

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The more precisely you can tell what you want, the faster it is to make changes. ( Image by White Oak Creative for a brand board for Green Valley Kitchen; Pinterest ) development plan_entrepreneur_brand_board July July may or may not be the busiest time in your company. In any case, a large part of Finns is on a well-deserved summer vacation and company sales are falling. Take advantage of the quiet time and start Numbers Lists automating the sales process. The goal is to build a simple but effective marketing and sales tunnel. In this example, the marketing and sales tunnel is built primarily for service providers, not so much with digital products. With a little practice, you can use this in your own business, regardless of products or services.

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